The complete automotive service provider
AEL's team has more than 20-year's history in electronic repairs, offering manufacturers support in after-sales service for products both in and out of warranty.

AEL's technicians offer a wide range of experience from modular to component level repair. Internally they operate priority processes for direct repair programmes to ensure customers receive a fast turnaround time. Float stocks are maintained and administered of refurbished units to support the advanced exchange programmes that AEL operates. Spare parts usage is monitored on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to identify trends of parts that will be required. Orders are placed with suppliers on a monthly basis and the stock inventory stands in excess of €100,000, in order to meet all turnaround time objectives. The computer system has evolved by providing customers with repair quality information. This can identify common faults at an early stage and allow for corrective actions to be developed and implemented on the production line, to reduce warranty claims in the future.

The product range includes;

- Car Audio – OEM and Aftermarket
- Satellite Navigation – In-dash and PND
- Mobile Phones and Tablets
- ECU's

Mobile Electronics

-  A complete service business

- Diverse repair processes
  - Advanced exchange
  - Direct repair
  - Remanufacturing

-  Skilled engineers in diagnosis and repair

-  Quality feedback for continual improvement

-  Real time repair tracking

-  Ecological response to recycling legislation

-  Repairing to component or modular level